A Promise Never Forgotten

Never Forgotten Trilogy, Book #2

As a Marine Lieutenant Colonel, he could take on any mission and succeed. Raising his two godchildren…with her…just might kill him.

Marine Lieutenant Colonel Logan Jackson thought he was too old to start a family at forty-four, but when his two godchildren are left orphaned, he is forced to fulfill the promise he made to their parents. Accustomed to the battlefield, he’s in for a different kind of fight to keep the children from becoming wards of the state, and out of the clutches of people who want access to their inheritance. Then there’s their feisty godmother, who has relegated him to the friend zone, but he wants her so bad he’ll do almost anything to have her.

Teagan Williams can safely dangle a Jeep underneath one of the largest helicopters ever made, wrangle her Alzheimer-afflicted mother who enjoys taking walks away from her memory care unit, and yet she still finds time to enjoy her godchildren. When their mother, her best friend, is found dead, she gets the one thing she’s always wanted, a family. Among the dozens of problems that accompany the children, the biggest one is that she’s forced to share them with Logan Jackson, the best man she’d ever known in her life. She can’t allow him to be anything more than friends, though. It’s too risky.

A Promise Never Forgotten is the second full length novel in the Never Forgotten trilogy. 

If you enjoy stories involving Military Romance, Seasoned Heroes and Heroines, Friends to Lovers, Heartwarming Children, and Romantic Suspense, buy A Promise Never Forgotten now.


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Excerpt #1

As they traveled further down New River Inlet Road, condos crammed together facing the ocean blocked their views. Just when it looked as though the paved road was about to end, Logan turned on his blinker and pulled onto a crunchy white driveway. As she’d been directed at their last stop, she pulled into the driveway for the adjoining condo.

Teagan sat in the car and looked at the three-story building. It was painted a light blue, the same color as the sky that day. The two halves were offset, giving each side a sense of privacy. Under each half was a parking garage, but since Logan hadn’t driven into his, she remained outside as well.

This was her new home. She was anxious to see the inside, but she was more interested in the beach and the views from the deck Logan had told her about.


Excerpt #2

“I think I’ll go shower and start getting ready for tonight.” Teagan stood and stretched, once again giving him a glimpse of that colorful belly button tattoo. She glanced at Anora sound asleep on the couch. “She’ll be fine. I’ll let the video keep running in case she awakes.”

“You kicking me out?” Logan stood.

She cocked her head to the side. “Yes.”

Running her fingertips over his whiskers, she added, “I don’t like whisker burn. It takes too long to heal, especially on skin in sensitive places.”

“Are you telling me I’ll get lucky tonight?” Oh, Christ, please say yes.

Her smile was salacious. “No. I’m telling you I might get lucky tonight.” She stretched up and kissed him. Barely a touching of lips but he felt it throughout his entire body.