Unguarded Love

Black Swan Series, Book #4

She couldn’t lose another sick baby…then he brought her his dying daughter.

After a tragedy in med school, Nita Banks decided she never wanted anything to do with treating sick children ever again. When Ebola breaks out in the middle of a Central American coup, she has her hands full between missions and helping the CDC find a cure.

As an undercover CIA agent, Daniel Callahan was an expert at keeping secrets. None of his family or American friends knew about his two children until his baby daughter became sick, and adults were dying all around him. The only person he trusted with her care was his first true female friend, Nita. Even though she’s his sister’s good friend and teammate, the feelings he has for her are far from familial.

When Nita discovers Daniel’s baggage includes a diaper bag and a rollie with superheroes on it, she’ll have to face her fears or lose both the baby and Daniel.

Unguarded Love is the fourth novel in the military romantic suspense Black Swan series. If you enjoy the action-packed stories by Susan Stoker and Elle James, you won’t be disappointed when you buy this newest full-length novel by KaLyn Cooper.

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter.

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter.

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I often look at this picture for inspiration while writing about the Ladies of Black Swan. As a military wife, I know several women who served for 20+ years and know their trials and tribulations from sexual harassment to separation anxiety. They are tough when they have to be, but underneath they are women with big hearts.  

Excerpt #2

Stepping out of the glaring light, she watched his peculiar blue eyes widen when he saw the gun. She knew those beautiful eyes. A wide sapphire blue ring surrounded a crystalline blue, the color of the Caribbean Sea at thirty-five feet underwater. A third ring of silver next to the pupil amplified their intensity. Her team leader had those eyes.  

So did her brother, Daniel.  

Nita had stared into them with lust and unguarded desire on more than one occasion. The last time she’d seen them, Daniel had kissed her with so much passion she’d wanted to throw him on the ground and see just where the ride would take them both. But the kiss had been far too short for that conclusion. She was headed back to the U.S.A.—with her team which included his sister—so their hidden kiss was brief, but filled with promise.  

Their gazes met and a slash of white teeth gleamed amidst the night camouflage face paint. Nita, let me in, he mouthed.  

Excitement and relief warred within her. Daniel was there. 

Factual Fiction: The Facts

Fact:   Nicaragua is looking to build a new canal between the Caribbean Sea/Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean that is wider than the aging Panama Canal. Many ships are too large for the narrow Panamanian passage.​

Fact:  Reston Ebola is real, and named for Reston, Virginia where dozens of monkeys died from Ebola. It was one of the first cases where Ebola was transmitted from monkeys to humans and traveled airborne.

Fact:   Men always underestimate beautiful women.​

Fact:   In February 2013 the United States military opened combat roles to women,but no woman has "officially" been trained in military Special Operations..

Excerpt #3

Jerking his light to the glass, all he saw at first glance was a white space suit and glare off the curved face shield. Moving closer, he looked into the face of an angel.

His angel. The cherubic round face with hazel eyes he’d seen in his dreams. The soft full lips he’d kissed, just once, but had fantasized about just last night.

The woman he could never have, stared daggers back at him.

He saw his reflection in the glass, and even he didn’t recognize himself with the grease paint in full black ops gear.

Nita Banks stared at him as she raised her hand and pointed a gun at his chest.


Excerpt #4

He leaned back slightly then lifted her chin until their eyes met. He stared at her face for the longest moment. “You’re lying to yourself, you know. You love children. I saw the fierce mama bear in you come out swinging, ready to take on anyone who would dare hurt a child. That wasn’t just Dr. Banks gently wrapping my son’s broken arm that was a woman who cares deeply about kids. You can lie to everyone else, Nita, and you can even lie to yourself, but I see the woman you hide deep inside.”

His warm lips touched hers for the briefest of kisses.When she opened her eyes, he was gone.