Unexpected Love

Black Swan Series, Book #3

He never believed in love, but he never expected to find her.

With his family embedded in southern politics and society for five generations, Griffin proudly earned his Playboy title and attitude toward women. But in the past year the former SEAL has gotten an education from the Ladies of Black Swan, warrior women trained in special operations. After losing the love of her life in a combat plane crash, Grace realizes she may have to settle for good man to give her the life she’d always dreamed. Too bad she was attracted to a bad boy. When Grace’s picture is on a terrorist hit list, Griffin vows to protect her with his life. But can he protect his heart at the same time?

Unexpected Love is the third full-length novel in KaLyn Cooper’s Black Swan series. This military romantic suspense continues the stories of the active duty women secretly trained in special operations. If you enjoy reading Susan Stoker, Elle James, and Cristin Harber, you’ll love the latest addition to this series featuring strong women and the men who dare to love them.

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Click on the cover above to read the first chapter.

Click on the cover above to read the first chapter.

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I often look at this picture for inspiration while writing about the Ladies of Black Swan. As a military wife, I know several women who served for 20+ years and know their trials and tribulations from sexual harassment to separation anxiety. They are tough when they have to be, but underneath they are women with big hearts.  


I own several quilts because they go so well with all the antiques in my home. I researched the Double Wedding Ring quilt and shared some of that information in Unexpected Love.

Excerpt #2

He cupped her cheek and touched his lips gently to hers as he massaged her breast. “How do you feel about getting some dessert, now?”

Cutting through the lust fog in her brain, she finally deciphered his question. At least she thought she had. “I…I…could go for some dessert.” She managed to smile. “Especially if it’s chocolate.”

“How do you feel about room service?” His husky voice shook something loose inside her. 

Factual Fiction: The Facts

Fact:   A woman can get a man alone within hours ...and kill him in seconds.

Fact:   Men always underestimate beautiful women.

Fact:   The military doesn’t do anything without years of successful training, most often completed in secret.

Fact:   In February 2013 the United States military opened combat roles to women,but no woman has "officially" been trained in military Special Operations..