Captivated in Cancun

In Cancun Series, Book #2

A year after her divorce, Lilly Girard is busy rebuilding her life and future. Devoted to her two small boys, she’s a successful attorney for her family’s international corporation, runs in Chicago’s elite social circles, and has a full life. She doesn’t want a man around every day to complicate things, but when her brother’s former boss offers to make her bedroom fantasies come true, is Lilly ready to retake that part of her life back?

Josh “Madman” Madden is using the Cancun wedding of his friend and former Lieutenant Jack Girard, as cover to hunt down a group of ISIS terrorists headed to the United States. Because of his job, Josh isn’t a good candidate for marriage or fatherhood, but he can spend his nights fulfilling the dreams of his buddy’s very tempting sister. What he doesn’t expect is to find he’s created new dreams of his own.

When their worlds collide, Lilly needs a super hero, but Josh has to save the United States.

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter

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Whale sharks are the largest sharks on the planet, growing up to 40 feet long. They eat krill, abundant in the Cancun area. Known as gentle giants, the youth often playful, divers have been known to hitch a ride. 



My most disturbing research was delving into the world of pedophilia human trafficking. My most ugly discovery was the growing area of child sex tourism of both boys and girls. 


Cruise research was fun and easy. While on a cruise, the Deputy Director of Ship Security allowed me to interview him. Then a family friend who lived and worked on ships all over the world for several years spent hours with me figuring out how to smuggle humans into the USA on cruise ships.  


Excerpt #2

Josh moved into her path.

Mumbling, head down, Lilly ran straight into his chest…and froze. When she looked up, her eyes were wide, shocked to see him.

Priceless. And so beautiful with the moon splashing light her high Mayan cheeks and eyes as dark as the sky above, glinting with the reflection of stars.

“You heard me?” Her voice was quiet.

“Yes, And your conversation with your ex. Hard to miss since you were in my arms.”

Lilly dropped her forehead to his shoulder and buried her face. “I’m sorry you had to hear all that.”

“I’m not. Your ex is an emotionally abusive ass, and you should be happy to be free of him.” Josh picked up her chin and brushed his lips over hers. “But I think you and I are looking for the same thing. I don’t do long term, and you already know I’m temporary, just what you’re looking for.”

Josh leaned in, his lips right next to her ear, his hands in constant but slow motion. “Tell me what you want, Lilly. I’m very good at taking orders.”

Gradually she turned her head so her warm moist lips were right next to his ear. “I want…” There was a long pause before she sighed. “I’m just not sure.” The insecurity in her voice snapped his resolve. He had to respect her wishes and would never force any woman to do anything she didn’t want to do. She wasn’t ready. At least not tonight.

Josh brushed his thumbs over her freckled cheeks. “A few nights of pleasure…any way you want it…are yours.”