A Love Never Forgotten

Never Forgotten Trilogy, Book #1

Dreams or nightmares. Truth or lies. He can't tell them apart. Then he discovers the woman who has haunted his dreams is real. Is she his future? Or his past?

After an accident ten years before, Matthew St. Clare’s new face makes him look a decade younger than his fifty-two years. The worry lines from his job as the deputy director of the CIA's most covert teams has turned his hair white. He can’t afford becoming attached to anyone because it puts a target on their back, so he keeps his affairs casual. But his dreams are hot and steamy, filled with love and desperation, always with the same woman. Always ending in the same nightmare of darkness and fear. Matt thinks he’s going crazy…until he sees her.

Former Army Lieutenant Elizabeth Kamp just buried her second husband. He wasn’t much of a loss. Not like Special Forces Captain Mason Sinclair who had been taken from her in an explosion while together on a mission. She doesn't need another man in her life, but when someone tries to kill her, she'll accept help from a saint to protect her children. But can she protect her heart from him?

A Love Never Forgotten is the first book in KaLyn Cooper’s Never Forgotten trilogy. If you like military romantic suspense by Cristin Harber, Susan Stoker and Elle James, you’ll enjoy A Love Never Forgotten

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Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter

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Excerpt #2

He shouldn’t touch her, but he had to. He captured a stray tendril near her temple and wrapped it behind her ear, tracing the outer shell.

Her steel gray eyes slashed at him in warning before she glanced to the side without moving her head. No one was watching them.

She attached her dusty camouflage helmet to her backpack then skillfully pulled on a tan stretchy cap covering her gorgeous light brown hair with blond highlights. She tucked in the tight bun at the nape of her neck then ran her fingertips around the edge checking for escaped strands.

You’re good. He mouthed the words so they wouldn’t be transmitted over the tiny microphone attached to his ear bud. They couldn’t let the two dozen people monitoring the op find out about their personal relationship. Repositioning his hands on his rifle, because damn he wanted to touch her again, he swept his gaze over the area. No tangoes.

She extracted the white cloth from an outer pocket of her pack and unfurled the entire eight feet. In seconds she expertly wrapped the pashmina over her head, around her neck then draped the ends over her beautiful breasts, and rank insignia as though she had been donning a hijab all her life.

“Be careful out there, lieutenant.” The voice with the distinct Texas drawl wasn’t his, yet he’d said the words. He’d meant them, too. They were hostile territory, and he couldn’t imagine what he’d do if anything happened to her.