Guardian Elite Series, Book #4

A crossover novella with Elle James's Brotherhood Protectors Series

Terrorists want her…but so does he.

Isaac believes this personal protection assignment in Big Sky, Montana is going to be filled with skiing novice slopes all day and spending his nights fending off unwanted pursuers of the pampered daughter of two Atlanta physicians. He couldn’t be more wrong. Hannah Kader was an officer in the all-female YPG Battalion in the Syrian Army, and ISIS wants her, preferably alive. 

The chase isn’t the only thing that heats up when the flint of the former SEAL strikes against the steel of the woman warrior.

Snow SEAL is a Guardian Elite crossover with Elle James’s Brotherhood Protectors. If you enjoy heart-pounding, military romance interwoven with sizzling passion, you’ll like the fourth book in this novella series.

Buy this book and let KaLyn Cooper take you on a thrill ride through the Montana mountains.

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter

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SEALs train almost all the time and for at least 6 weeks, that includes learning cold weather skills in Alaska.



I did a great deal of research on the YPG, the female militia of the Kurdish Syrian People's Protection Unit

Excerpt #2

After releasing the chain, Hannah opened the door. “Mr. Snow, won’t you come in, please.”

As he stepped inside, he removed the knit cap and ran long fingers through nearly black hair, removing any remnants of hat head. Then he took off the reflective sunglasses and tucked them into the collar of his sweater. When his gaze met hers, Hannah took a step back. Those deep brown eyes were decades older than the face of the man who stood only three feet away.

“Hannah Kader, I presume?” There was a hint of annoyance in his voice. His gaze scanned her body and stopped on the gun in her hand which she casually held next to her thigh.

“Yes.” She waggled the business card. “Isaac Snow, I’d like to see some identification, please.”

With his gaze still pinned on the gun, he slid off one glove and reached into his back pocket. Producing a wallet, he flipped it open to his corporate identification. Maintaining her distance, she scrutinized the picture glancing be between the man and the photograph several times. ID pictures never did anyone justice. He was much more handsome in real life. Or maybe it was just the testosterone-enriched aura he exuded.

“Thank you.” Hannah shifted her weight putting even more space between the two of them. “I’ve never had a bodyguard before.” She’d never needed one.

She knew how to kick ass and take names. A year of training by some of the fiercest fighters in the world, the Kurdish Peshmerga, had taught Hannah how to protect herself. Fighting in the all-female YPG Battalion of the Syrian People’s Protection Unit the following year had shown her how to protect those weaker than her in ISIS-claimed areas of Syria and Iraq.

Hannah wondered how much Isaac Snow knew about her. “So, where do we start?”

“You can start by handing me that gun.” His gaze glanced down then right back to meet hers.

There was no way in hell she was going to let go of her Sig. It had saved her life multiple times. “Not happening, big boy.”

The right side of his lips twitched. “I take it you know how to use that P220?”

She grinned. “It’s a P320, and yes. Would you like me to give you a skills demonstration, or perhaps you need a handgun lesson?” During her time in the Middle East, Hannah had taught hundreds of young women how to use pistols, rifles, submachine guns, and even rocket launchers. But the look in his eyes told her he could pick up any weapon and use it efficiently.

Isaac slid out of his boots. “Just don’t point it toward me. You’ll find one looking right back at you. I’d appreciate it if you’d put that thing away. I’m here to protect you. Not kill you.”