Securing Willow

Guardian Elite Series, Book #5

A crossover novella with Susan Stoker's Special Foreces: Operation Alpha Series

Guarding a political whistleblower wasn’t his job but he couldn’t let her die.

Remi Steele was in the Venezuela to guard an oil executive during sensitive negotiations with that country’s new president. When he discovers the temptingly beautiful U.S. Embassy’s Public Information Officer is being threatened, his protective instincts take over.

Willow Cardenas was receiving threats almost daily. Someone wanted her out of Venezuela. But she couldn’t leave. With a new ambassador, the country on the verge of civil war, and nowhere else to go, she had too much to do. The last thing she needed was an overprotective man in her life.

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter

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Excerpt #2

He’d been in for almost ten years when he made the decision that he had enough. He was done eating meals out of a thick plastic bag, killing mosquitoes that carried diseases that could kill a human, and risking his life to save idiots who didn’t listen to the warnings of the State Department and CIA. Sure, he missed his brothers on his SEAL team every day, and prayed they continued to dodge bullets, but he’d found a better way of life.

He chuckled at himself. So, where was he headed in just a few hours? Right back into a country known for thick jungles, mosquitoes that shared malaria as fast as coworkers shared a cold, and where flying bullets were a definite possibility. He looked up from his computer to Alex and Dex. At least he was going in well-supplied and they would have hot fresh food, and he’d sleep in a real bed every night.