Double Jeopardy

Guardian Elite Series, Book #1

When a billionaire and his wife are in jeopardy, life is doubly dangerous for their bodyguards.

Guarding a billionaire couple on a fix-it or forget-it vacation, at a highly-exclusive resort on a remote island was Ryleigh Davenport’s dream assignment. Except, she’d been partnered with her former lover, Blake Albright, the soldier she’d been forced to leave behind without a word. When the threats against the CEO and his wife turn to murder attempts, will Riley and Blake find comfort in each other once again?

Double Jeopardy is the Guardian Elite novella #3 that includes characters from KaLyn Cooper’s popular Black Swan series. If you enjoy the strong female characters in books by Susan Stoker, Sharon Hamilton, and Cristin Harbor you will love this Special Forces trained heroine.

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Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter.

Excerpt #1: Click on the cover above to read the first chapter.

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Excerpt #2

“Blake. Garrett.” Alex shook hands with each man. “I’d like you to meet

With a pasted-on smile—that was more a baring of gritted teeth—Blake held out his hand and forced the single word, “Welcome.” Oh, he had so much more to say to this woman. Now was not the time, nor was this the place.

As though they were strangers, she took his hand in a brief shake, but gave it a gentle squeeze before letting go. It could’ve meant nice to see you again or a thank you for not revealing our past. Their eyes caught for a millisecond before she moved on.

“Nice to meet you, Ryleigh Davenport.” Garrett laid on the charm as thick as peanut butter. He continued to hold her hand in his huge one as he gushed, “I look forward to working with you. Have you been to New York before? I’d be happy to show you the city.”

What the hell was his co-worker up to? He had no right to flirt with her. She was Blake’s woman. Or at least she had been.

Ryleigh smiled up at the man the size of a Giants’ wide receiver and just as fast. “I’d like that. I’ve spent most of my life on the west coast and flown through New York a few times, but I’ve only seen the sites from a plane.”

Wyatt, the center’s manager, stepped closer to her, and lifted his hand toward the small of her back, as though to guide her away. The small gesture sent a thin stream of green through Blake’s pounding heart. His boss obviously thought better of the move and snapped his hand away. “We’ll see to it you get a complete tour, immediately. It’s important that you know the city like a local.”

Ryleigh deftly slid her hand from Garrett’s, her smile never faltering. “Thank you. That would be fantastic.”

“How about you settle into your apartment upstairs while Alex and I finish the center’s review,” Wyatt suggested. He turned his attention to Blake. “Will you help Ryleigh get her gear to her room? We’ll meet you at the range in thirty minutes for the weekly training session.”

“Yes, sir.” Blake’s right hand twitched to salute but he caught it before he made a fool of himself. He’d left all that formality behind when he got out of the Army last year. Everyone who worked for Guardian Security was former military, most from the special operations field, but the company wasn’t regimented. However, everyone respected the chain of command.

“Even though I don’t actually start until tomorrow, I’d like to join you at the range if I may?” Ryleigh looked first at Wyatt then glanced to Alex for permission.

“Fine by me,” Wyatt said with a smile. “On your way down from the apartment floor, Blake can give you a tour of the building.”

“I’d be happy to,” Blake replied. At least they’d have a benign subject to discuss. He looked to Ryleigh. “Where are your suitcases?”

“Still in the car.” She strode toward the elevator, exuding confidence in every step.

Blake followed her to the subterranean parking level, neither saying a word in the elevator. She seemed to know that their operations room monitored almost every square inch of the building with both audio and visual.

After opening the rear door to the Guardian SUV, Ryleigh leaned in and started handing out duffel bags. Just above a whisper she said, “I had no idea you worked here. I wouldn’t have accepted the job had I known.”

Originally published as the August book of the Indulgence Series created by Hildie McQueen.

Originally published as the August book of the Indulgence Series created by Hildie McQueen.